Text Box: We would like to invite you to our cuisine. Our food recipes are fresh and clean everyday. Not all Thai dishes are hot but chilies are essential to Thai cuisine. However all our recipes are medium hot. If you are already accustomed to hot food you can increase the chilies proportions. Thai food one usually says “Hot and Spicy.” Actually , there is no single adjective to describe the rich taste of Thai food. Thai cuisine is internationally famous for its flavors. Harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. 
Nowadays, Thai food is no longer confined to Thais alone, but is savored by non-natives throughout the world. Everyone loves the genuine taste of authentic Thai food, from Pad Thai to Tom Yum Kung. However, the charm of Thai food lies not only in its delicious taste and harmonious flavors, but in its nutritious qualities as well, The ingredients smell of herbs that are both fragrant and health-giving as well. Thai cooking uses a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, and coriander. There is a wide variety of herbs, leaves, roots, and even flowers. 
We hope you enjoy our authentic Thai food.

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